A Brief History of Cake...

Believe it or not our recipes have been inspired by generations of cooking techniques that paved a way to a contemporary product that we have today.

Looking at food as a whole, nutrition and something good on-the-go was a huge challenge back in 2008. Our master baker slit her time between London and Winchester, a city and the countryside- it was amazing what craving and awareness everyone had without a simple solution.

It all started in the Winchester Food Market in 2013 and from then on we aspired to make sure that this is something anyone, anywhere could reach out and enjoy!

We are proud to say that through years of baking, testing and developing we still stick to our "roots of goodness"! We are adamant that all our ingredients are natural using the same processes we have been inspired by from our past generations yet still introducing a modern twist.

We are proud to offer a No Added Sugar range of products that only use sustainable Birch tree sugar, naturally occurring. Own own bakery allows us to guarantee no trace of gluten or nuts, so everyone can rest assured we know how important this is! 

ALL of our products are safe for people suffering from Diabetes, Coeliac Disease, IBS and all known Nut Allergies.

This might seem like a health product but  allow us to introduce the taste, texture and flavour to you and we promise that this is an 'on-the-go' mini cake welcoming anyone and any pace of life to enjoy! No longer must you worry if your child might be allowed this snack at school or if you could consume it in the office or on a busy train commuting. We are there to try an ease your needs and food requirements any way we can and we won't stop until we reach our goal.

In 2020 we have Vegan and Dairy Free ranges waiting to be accredited and released and of course- all with No Added Sugar or Nuts!

We cannot wait! So bear with us and help us grow!

Check out our ONLINE SHOP and see if there is something you might like to try. But anyhow, get in touch with us for any further information or assistance, we would be so happy to hear from you and to see if we can help!

Thank you for reading about us, we cannot wait to cut a cake with you over a cuppa!


©2020 by Sans.